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From far the best fan fiction I saw about Star Wars. You take official music, but also from other movies without any inconsistency. The troopers and models are great, especially for that kind of movie. The dialogues match the feeling of a Star Wars, you let the watcher guess a lot about a character’s motivations, but you introduced a language duality and swearing which I find really interesting and thoughtful… You fully understood the concept of a dark Jedi, he’s not only an Anakin-like superficial candy. He’s a paradox, just as his lightsaber: the refined (épuré) look has nothing to do with fancy Sith stuff, but because it’s completely refined, it contrasts with the Jedi style. Every character’s quest and personality is clear, we understand there’s more than what we see, and the ending stays as open as the beginning. The combats are a real thrill, well choreographed, you’ve shown Darius’s pain in a subtle and efficient way, the overall isn’t too much epic (I mean it’s well balanced) and some scenes (not talking about combat) are visually excellent, absolutely harmonic and dramatic. It’s an awesome job, guys ‘n’ girls.

Cédric Hébert

Omg… Can you please make a part two??? Lol first time I saw it was just now, and I’m in love. It breaks away from traditional star wars and makes it edgy, more relatable. I love the cussing, the flashbacks, and the more human elements you all throw in there. Keep this shit up. I’m hooked!

Trey Embling

Absolutely superb production! I’m still left wondering whether the clones were CGI or costumes! Brilliant stuff!

Yusuf B.

That was absolutely unbelievable. This was possibly the most amazing Star Wars movie I have EVER seen. I am speechless.

Kevin Walton